Cha Cha Dayton Children's Hospital Miracle Maker Roast

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

When starting Hawthorne Hill Coffee Co. my goal was to use coffee as a conduit to community stewardship. We selected a few incredible not for profit organizations right here in Dayton that are doing great work and adding tremendous value to our community.

I want all of our coffee friends to know about the great work being done by the Dayton Children's Hospital Cha Cha Women's board. Get a great bag of coffee while supporting a great cause! Formed in 1967, the Women’s Board of Dayton Children’s Hospital serves as a fundraising auxiliary board and also supports Dayton Children’s through volunteerism and outreach activities. The Women’s Board biennial fundraiser Cha|Cha has raised more than $4 million for Dayton Children’s since the event’s inception. Today, the Board is composed of 40 community leaders whose mission is to improve the health, education and overall wellness of children in the community through direct support of Dayton Children's Hospital. ​ The Women’s Board administers the HELP Fund, an ongoing program that supports various projects at Dayton Children’s. The Women’s Board also hosts an annual “Careers in Health Care” seminar for high school students who are interested in the medical field. We also organize outreach activities within the community, providing expert speakers from the hospital’s staff. Women’s Board members regularly volunteer in the hospital’s child life areas, assisting patients with craft activities. Our largest activity for the hospital is our biennial cha|cha event. For more information about the great work Cha Cha is doing for children here in Dayton, and to make a donation visit: Mark your calendars for March 2022 for Cha Cha's incredible fundraising benefit

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