The Autism Society of Dayton

Our very first non-profit specialty coffee partnership started with a call to the Autism Society of Dayton. What a great group of volunteer board members that help connect families in financial need that have a loved one on the autism spectrum that needs access to care with grants that help make those treatments and services possible.

$10.00 of every purchase of our Autism Society of Dayton Blend will help support children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder who are in need of financial assistance.

About the Autism Society of Dayton

The Dayton Autism Society (DAS) is a non-profit organization which is made up of a board of volunteers who are parents, family members, professionals in the field of disability services, and other interested persons. DAS exists to advocate for, support, and educate families living with autism. The Dayton Autism Society serves families from the greater Miami Valley and an estimated 8,000 families living with autism. These families reside in Montgomery, Miami, Greene, Darke, Clark, Preble, Warren, and other neighboring counties.

Grant Program

Grants are available for the amount of $1 to $250 (not to exceed $250). The current grant cycle will run from January – November or until allocated grant funds are depleted. We will not process any grants in April or December. Please note that only 1 grant per applicant will be awarded per year. Notification of acceptance or denial will be sent through email unless no email is provided, in which case we will send it to you by mail. Starting January 2017 we have a new grant application, please fill out completely.

The purpose of this Grant is to help children or adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorders who are in need of financial assistance to pay for the thing like:

Therapy (Occupational, Physical, Speech, ABA, Recreational, social skills groups)

Bio-medical Treatments (doctor visits, lab tests, supplements, treatments)


Equipment ( Medical, augmentative communication devices, therapeutic)

Respite Care/Child Care

Outstanding medical bills related to the disability

What is not covered: Rent/Mortgage, Utility payments, Phone bills, Trips/vacation, Tax, Shipping

What other Qualifications are there?

You must live in one of the following counties in Ohio: Montgomery, Greene, Warren, Miami, Preble, Darke, Champaign, Clark, Shelby, Logan, Butler.

Must be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Funds are dispersed by the grant committee. You will receive notification by email or mail by the end of the month confirming approval or denial. First priority will go to first time grant applicants, then the remaining funds are distributed to second time applicants.

To learn more or apply for a grant visit

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