Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

The most common method of brewing coffee at home is hands down the traditional "Automatic Drip Coffee Machine". You can certainly make a great pot of coffee by following just a few key steps. Here's how to get the most out of the old tried and true coffee maker!

When I chat with people about coffee the common confusion surrounds the term "cups of coffee". A cup of coffee doesn't equal a measured cup (8 fluid ounces) like you would find on your measuring cups. Typically a "cup of coffee" will equal 5 fluid ounces. Most coffee makers will have indication lines with corresponding numbers indicating the number of "cups of coffee" that you are brewing. These lines will either appear on the carafe (coffee pot), or on the holding chamber where the water is added.

Buying whole bean coffee and freshly grinding just prior to brewing will always result in the best tasting cup. If you do not have a grinder at home don't worry we can grind the beans for you, just be sure to store the coffee in an air tight container away from heat and direct sunlight.

Follow these simple steps, and you will get the very best cup out of your coffee maker!

  • First: Add the amount of water to your coffee maker which will equal how much coffee you wish to brew. Your coffee maker will either have the measuring lines printed on the side of the carafe (coffee pot), or on the reservoir itself. Keep in mind each "cup of coffee" will equal roughly 5 fluid ounces of water.

  • Second: Add the coffee grounds to the filter basket. The simple rule is this, add 1 rounded tablespoon (scoop) for every "cup of coffee" you will be brewing. Example if you fill your coffee maker up to make 4 "cups of coffee" then you should add 4 rounded tablespoons to your filter basket. Most coffee makers will come with a measuring scoop that is typically 1 tablespoon.

  • Third: You are ready to brew! The best part about using a coffee maker is that all you have to do is press brew and wait! The coffee maker will do all of the work for you.

  • Finally: Enjoy your cup of coffee your way!

*Pro-Tips for maximizing your coffee maker coffee

  • Pre-heat the coffee mug you will be drinking from, simply fill it with hot water and let it warm while your coffee maker is brewing. Dump this water just prior to adding your hot coffee.

  • Use filtered or spring water. Distilled water can damage your coffee maker, and tap water will leave behind deposits that will eventually clog the machine up.

  • Double up on your paper filters. Most automatic coffee makers will typically brew too fast resulting in an under extracted and weak cup of coffee. When you use two filters instead of one you slow the extraction process down just enough to pull the best possible flavors from your coffee!

  • Pre-wet (rinse) the coffee filter prior to adding your coffee grounds. This will remove any paper tastes from the filter, or residual substances left over from the manufacturing of the filters. Just let the water pour through the filter and basket.

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