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Our best selling bean.  This single origin Guatemalan is roasted to a medium finish.  Notes of chocolate, granola & walnut.

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A touch of Scotland in your cup. "Lang May Yer Lum Reek!" May you live long and stay well! 

Butterscotch, rum, and a hint of vanilla.  A perfectly balanced flavored blend.

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All the flavor, with half the caffeine! Perfect blend of equal parts Colombia Sugarcane decaf Valle Del Cauca & Colombia Nariño El Tiple coffees.  Roasted to a balanced medium this coffee is great for serving after dinner, or for those looking for lower caffeine.

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Our lightest roast.  Bright citrus, floral balance, with light chocolatey undertones.  If you prefer a lighter roast coffee our Costa Rican is for you.  

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